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Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates

Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates

Assortment includes: sugar free/low sodium peppermint patties, sugar free/low sodium peanut butter minis chocolates, sugar free vanilla caramels with sea salt, sugar free cashew caramel patties and sugar free raspberry jellies. Sugar free chocolate candy ingredients can be found under each individual candy’s descriptions.


Customers Say

I was introduced to the Fuller family confections by my wife and her family when we had just started dating over 21 years ago. Now it is a tradition in our family and I couldn't imagine the holidays without them. // Roger, Toms River, NJ

The best in the business! Melt in your mouth chocolates combined with fruit and nut combinations, silky caramels, creamy whip!! A family tradition. A holiday favorite all wrapped up in a perfect box!! When can I order more??? // Rachel, Toms River, NJ

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